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Daddy Long Legs

Description: 1/8-1/4" (4-6 mm). Long thin legs. Body reddish brown. Legs dark with prominent paler coxae. Eyes on black turret; 1 eye to right, 1 to left

  • Food Small insects and decaying organic matter.
  • Life Cycle Female thrusts ovipositor into soil to deposit eggs. When warm weather arrives, young creep out and grow slowly. Normally they mature in summer, then mate without courtship. 1 generation a year.
  • Habitat Fields on tree trunks and open ground.
  • Range Throughout North America.
  • On cool afternoons adults often climb trees or sides of buildings, seemingly to benefit from residual heat of the sun. A warm knothole may attract dozens of daddy-long-legs, which stand close together with legs interlaced all night.

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